Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catching up and upcoming changes

For several months now, I've been writing for a client with a number of book-related blogs, which is part of why this blog has been so ignored of late — sometimes it's hard to come up with two posts for the same books, and I'm afraid that the blogs that generate solid income are the ones that have benefited from my limited creative impulse.  (Although I do get some ad revenue from my blogs, this is NOT one of the higher-performing sites — which has to do with some other changes I will address in a moment.)

Anyway, said client recently backed off a bit on assignments, so I will only be writing a few blog posts for them a week now.  Although in some ways I'm sad to see the additional income go, at the same time I am looking forward to having more time to devote to my own blogs again.  They have been quite ignored since I started blogging for this client!

One other change to report: I discovered last month that Barnes & Noble's affiliate program no longer pays commissions on ebooks.  While I realize that many of my readers do still read traditional books, it seems that those who buy from the links on my page do not, as I have yet to earn any commissions from the affiliate program.  Therefore I've decided to stop using my book reviews to advertise.  It will be much quicker for me to just load a cover image into Blogger, rather than creating an affiliate link via LinkShare's website, which is a little slow (and Barnes & Noble's site is even slower, so I likely won't be getting my cover images there, either!).  The downside is that my readers will no longer be able to click on a cover and buy a book, but I may consider keeping a Barnes & Noble search button in the sidebar to make up for that deficiency.

I may also be changing the look of the blog a little bit to make managing it even easier — I'm still using Classic Blogger because of my older custom template.

Stay tuned...  As I find the time (which I should be able to do so more readily now), I will start making the changes to the blog!

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