Thursday, December 27, 2012

Duck for President

On Election Day 2012, Barnes & Noble offered this book, Duck for President, as their Nook Daily Find.  You have to respect their sense of humor, offering a picture book like this -- in which the duck tires of being president and returns to the farm -- instead of a weightier political book.

I love getting picture books on the Nook, both for myself and to share with the kids I take care of, so I jumped on the book's discount price.  I'd read the book before while at the library with the kids, and I really loved it then (though not as much as Click, Clack, Moo, another book by the same author about what happens when the cows on the farm get a hold of a typewriter).

Duck for President is about a duck who hates his chores on the farm.  He decides that he can run the farm better, runs for the position, and wins.  Unfortunately, he finds that running a farm is hard work, so he runs for governor -- and again, he wins, with the same results.  After finding that being the governor is hard work too, he runs for president -- and wins, of course, only to return to the farm when even that turns out to be hard work.

This book and Click, Clack, Moo are great because there is lots of repetition (fun for young kids) and colorful, cartoonish pictures.  It does well as an ebook, too, although -- as with lots of picture books -- I think it would look better on a slightly bigger screen, such as the iPad or the Nook HD+.

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