Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's resolutions: Books to read in 2013

Well, my plans for the year didn't work out as well as I'd wanted.  I'd intended to read five classics in 2012, and I didn't read a single one of them.  I'd thought reading would be a New Year's resolution that I could actually achieve, but I guess not!

So I'm going to try again in 2013.  I'll roll these five titles over into the new year's list, plus add a couple more titles (to the end of the list).

Here is my revised list for 2013:

I've been meaning to read The Professor by Charlotte Bronte for years.  I'm a Bronte enthusiast and I've read all the sisters' other published books and even a little of their poetry and unpublished work.  The Professor is the only one I have left, with the exception of the first few chapters of Charlotte's unfinished final book.  Hopefully this year I can finally read this one!

 This also falls under the "Bronte enthusiast" reading list.  I've read bits and pieces of this book, and I know (from my other research) how biased it is, but I still want to be able to say I've read it!

I'm not a huge Jane Austen fan, but I've read far too few of her books to be able to say I have an opinion!  Emma is one of the books I still haven't read.

I read bits and pieces of Moby-Dick in my English classes in college, but never the whole thing.  I feel like this is one of the books that any self-respecting English Literature major ought to be able to say they've said, though.  I earned my degree eight years ago, but it's never too late, right?

My husband had to read Heart of Darkness for a college course a few years ago, and it sounded like something I ought to read -- so I'm going to!  (Hopefully.)

I probably should have started this already, but in light of the new movie adaptation, I think I should finally read Les Miserables.  I've seen the older movie version but never read the book.  I do want to try to find a version of the book that isn't abridged, though (the Barnes & Noble edition is).  I take after my mom in that I don't like reading abridged versions of anything!

I do realize that I probably should have read Peter Pan years ago, but somehow I never actually managed to read J.M. Barrie's classic.  In book club however we read (or were supposed to read -- I didn't) a modern horror version of Peter Pan, so I want to read the original (and then go back and read the book club selection I never actually read).

So there you have it, my book goals for 2013!  Do you have any books -- classics or otherwise -- that you are planning on reading in the coming year?

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