Friday, January 4, 2013

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

I'm skipping back a bit now to a couple of books I read over the summer.  Number the Stars was actually a reread for me -- perhaps the third or fourth time I've read it.  (Once when I was in high school, at least once for my children's and YA lit classes in college, and then this summer.)  The little girl I nanny for was supposed to read it over the summer, so I decided to read it, too.

Number the Stars is a fairly short book, and a great read for kids.  It's like Anne Frank but with a happier ending.  The story is about two young girls, friends in 1943 Copenhagen, when Denmark was full of Nazis.  When things get more dangerous for the Jews, Annemarie's Jewish friend Ellen moves in with her and her family, masquerading as her sister until she can rejoin her parents and escape.  Annemarie's loyalty to her friend is so strong that she does incredibly brave things to protect her -- and discovers how many everyday people are doing brave things, all around her.

It's a beautiful, powerful story, and equally as good for an adult as for a child!

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