Friday, February 1, 2013

Back up your ebooks!

One of the things I love about ebooks is that no matter what, I always have that file.  Even if something happens to my Nook, I have the ebook files on my computer, as well as on the and Kobo clouds.  But I'm a little behind on backing up lately, so this is a good reminder to me to back up again.

Make sure you are doing backups on Books on the Knob

It sounds like some ebook sellers are either regretting or having trouble with their promise to keep all customers' ebook files in the "cloud" for them to download at any time, from any device.  To sum up the blog post, one ebook seller ( has retroactively changed their policy so that free ebooks have to be read online, and cannot be downloaded.  A couple other ebook sellers who are going through website changes are having problems migrating their customer libraries, and one even lost all of the data on their servers!

It's a good reminder: If you want to reap one of the biggest advantages of ebooks -- having a file that can be copied and backed up so that you don't ever lose your book -- you have to make sure you actually do your backups!

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