Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

A few months ago, I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  Although I don't often read books off the bestsellers lists until quite a lot of time has gone by, the description of this one intrigued me, and I put a hold on the ebook from the library.

I was glad I did.  Gone Girl was an amazingly absorbing book and a suspenseful mystery, not to mention a stunningly skillful study of the characters.  The book is about the disappearance of a man's wife, written so that it alternates between the husband's and the wife's point of view (her point of view told through her diary).  One of the most impressive things about the book was how vibrant the characters were.  By alternating back and forth between the husband's and wife's points of view, both told in the first person, she was able to create strong, memorable voices for both of them.

Flynn is also a master at feeding you information so slowly and subtly that she plants lots of suspicions about what is going on, but keeps you guessing, back and forth: Did the husband do it, or didn't he?  Even after you find out -- much earlier than the end of the book -- the suspense of the story continues, because it's not just about who did it.  And speaking of the end, this book has one of the most memorable endings that I have ever had the pleasure of reading -- it actually made me laugh out loud, it was so darkly funny and perfectly in keeping with the characters and the story.  Definitely a book worth picking up!

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