Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens

After finishing the long, tedious, but very beautiful Kushiel's Dart, I knew I needed something faster-paced and more mindless as my next read.  Originally I was going to read Les Miserables, one of the books on my 2013 reading list, but I knew it would be too heavy to follow Kushiel's Dart.  Instead I chose Still Missing, a thriller I'd bought as an ebook on sale months ago, probably as far back as the summer.

Still Missing did not disappoint, either: It was both fast-moving and completely addicting, and as a result I read it within 24 hours, staying up late to finish.  The book is about a real estate named Annie who is abducted at the end of a quiet open house she is conducting one summer day.  She is taken to a cabin where she is raped repeatedly and her entire life, from what she eats to when she bathes or goes to the bathroom, is controlled by her kidnapper.

The novel starts after the abduction, so you know that she was kept there for an entire year before she was able to come back -- and how, you don't know.  The narration is pretty clever, told as sessions with her therapist -- just her telling the story to the therapist, not conversations or anything, so that it's kind of like the old-fashioned epistolary style of novel, except (in my opinion) much more gripping.  The story of her abduction is punctuated here and there with stories about what is going on in Annie's life currently, so that you are fed information slowly, prolonging the suspense.

For all the genius in the way it's narrated, the book is also, like I said, very fast moving -- a great read if you need something that isn't too heavy, just suspenseful and fun!

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