Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Read an eBook week!

I had a busy weekend, so I actually missed the first day of this -- Read an eBook Week started yesterday (March 3-9).  But even though I'm a little late to the party, I love Read an eBook Week -- not only do I feel proud to be part of the movement they are trying to promote (moving to digital), but there are also great deals to be had on ebooks during this week, from publishers as well as indie authors.

Despite Amazon's new penalty on associates who promote free ebook listings, Books on the Knob (one of my favorite blogs to go to for discounted and free ebooks) compiled a list of ebook sellers who are offering free or discounted ebooks in honor of Read an eBook Week.  (Supposedly she will keep posting free ebooks from other ebook sellers, such as Barnes & Noble's Free Fridays, as well -- I certainly hope this is the case!)

Smashwords is usually the biggest participant in Read an eBook Week -- lots of indie authors on that site offer books for free or for a substantial discount.  (Next year, with any luck, I will be on that list too...)  I've also noticed, however, in browsing Barnes & Noble's $2.99 and under category on the Nook, that there have been a lot of HarperCollins books priced at 99 cents the last couple days -- perhaps that is for Read an eBook Week, too?

Be sure to also check out the Read an eBook Week website -- they have banners you can download and display on your website, blog, or Facebook page, plus plenty of great articles about ebooks.

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