Friday, March 8, 2013

How to Unspoil Your Child Fast by Richard Bromfield

I got this ebook for free a while back, but because of my occupation as a nanny and a babysitter, I was very interested in the message.  A lot of the parents I work for spoil their kids without even knowing it, just by giving in to their whining and crying, and otherwise rewarding bad behavior.
It is a short book and a fairly simple strategy -- instead of changing your approach with your child slowly, the author suggests changing it all at once, with no warning to the kid.  That will force them to learn right away that bad behavior no longer gets them what they want.

I wish I had the nerve to hand some of the parents I work for a copy of this book.  I know they don't think they spoil their kids, because they think of spoiling as relating solely to material possessions, rather than being more about how they respond to their kids' behaviors.  Knowing what I do about how parents think, I would recommend this to most or all parents, whether or not you think you spoil your kid(s) -- spoiling is more of a sliding scale than something that is either present or not, and there is almost always room for improvement!

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