Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hunt at the Well of Eternity by Gabriel Hunt

I got the ebook of Hunt at the Well of Eternity for free quite some time ago, shortly after I started on my digital reading journey in fact.  Back then there was a free category in Barnes & Noble's ebook store that I would check regularly, and I downloaded this during that time.  A year or two ago, I also bought and downloaded the other five books in the series, since the publisher was reportedly going out of business and the ebooks would no longer be available once that happened.

The Hunt series seems to be like the old pulp adventures of the past, or like the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys syndicates -- various authors writing installments of a planned series under a single pen name.  It was an exciting adventure, kind of a cross between Indiana Jones and James Bond, and a little on the short side (as those books typically were) which made it a fast and fun read.  I read it partly because I was planning on writing my own series in an old-fashioned style, and I wanted to get a taste for the pulp adventure flavor.  But I liked the book on its own merits, and plan on picking the series back up at some point and reading the others, as well.

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