Sunday, September 21, 2014

Libraries of the future

Speaking of things that made me want to blog about them, I have been saving this article for a few days now:

5 Ways Colorado Libraries Are Going Beyond Books

I was so tickled to see my state's libraries in the news, for one thing, but also pleased to see how much technology is making inroads into the libraries.  I've known for a while that you could check out e-readers at my favorite local libraries, which I think is great for encouraging people to see what it's like to read electronically.

But I was also surprised and fascinated by some of the other things libraries are offering.  For instance, I had no idea about Jefferson County Library's Culture Pass.  I grew up with this library system and still have my card, so I might have to check it out.  The Denver Library's music streaming site sounds interesting, too, and well worth a visit.

In what ways are your libraries making inroads into the future?

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