Thursday, September 25, 2014

Silly reasons for banning books

There have been a number of interesting articles on banned books this week, in honor of Banned Books Week.  I didn't get to repost all of them, but I especially liked this one, compliments of Barnes & Noble:

11 Books That Were Banned for Completely Ridiculous Reasons

(And yes, I may be unhappy with Barnes & Noble over their new Nook policy of not letting you download and back up your ebook files, but I'll still repost good articles.  I'm just not buying any more of their books unless I know I can download and back up the file.)

Some of the books on this list are hysterical.  Books like Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret and Lord of the Flies are unsurprising.  I know they've been controversial since they came out.  But Where's Waldo? is on this list -- really?!  Apparently someone discovered that one tiny little person in one of those crazy, headache-spawning pages shows a bit of side-boob, and thought it was worth making sure everyone found that side-boob by banning the book.  I mean, seriously, no one else probably would have ever found it if they hadn't mentioned it.  I know I sure couldn't ever find anything in those books.

But what really gets me is the books that are banned for the obvious -- like Harriet the Spy for spying, and The Diary of Anne Frank because it's too depressing -- or those that are banned for completely imbecilic reasons -- Little Red Riding Hood because she's carrying a wine bottle to her grandmother (not for the violence of a wolf eating her grandmother, or the nightmare-inducing fact that the wolf then dresses in her granny's clothes and talks to her; and My Friend Flicka for using the word bitch correctly.

Not that anyone's reasons for banning books, especially for banning books from children, are ever anything but silly, in my opinion, but these especially take the cake!

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