Thursday, January 15, 2015

For fans of Gone Girl

I read Gone Girl a couple of years ago, and absolutely loved it.  It was one of the most compelling books I've read, some of the best characterization I've seen, and has my favorite all-time ending, specifically my favorite last line (or two).

Considering how much I loved the book, it's somewhat surprising that I haven't managed to see the movie yet, but that's neither here nor there.  What I really wanted to blog about was the amazing list B&N Reads put together of other books that will appeal to fans of Gone Girl.

What to Read Next if You Loved Gone Girl

You'll notice that the last novel I read (and raved about), Elizabeth is Missing, is on this list.  I totally agree that fans of Gone Girl will love this book.  It's a different story, of course, but similar in pacing and suspense.

I definitely plan on checking out a few of these other books, too.  They all look pretty amazing!

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