Thursday, January 8, 2015

Habits of bookish people

B&N Reads posted this delightful post today:

A Field Guide to Spotting a Fellow Book Nerd

Most bookish people will be able to relate to this list.  Yes, I read food packaging, shampoo bottles, you name it, when nothing else is available.  Yes, I text in real words and full sentences.  Yes, I am more patient when I am waiting with a book in hand.

In fact, I carry a tablet or e-reader with me at all times.  Having a purse big enough is a necessity.  True, I can find something to read on my smartphone if I get desperate (such as when I discover my device's battery is dead), but I prefer a bigger screen these days.

Another habit of bookish people would, I think, be the different way we use social media.  I use it to read and share interesting news and articles much more than my other friends do.  In fact, that might be one of my main purposes of social media, aside from sharing pictures of my horses.

What about you?  Which of these things -- or do all of them -- apply to you?

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