Sunday, February 22, 2015

Do you have book-related New Year's resolutions?

B&N Reads recently posted this cute article about realistic resolutions for the time-strapped book nerd.  I found it especially amusing, since every year I resolve to read more classics, and it never works out for me.  I'm still working my way through Les Miserables -- not very quickly, since I keep taking breaks to read other books and forgetting to go back to it.  One of the books on my list from previous years, Moby Dick, is even the subject of one of the points in the B&N blog post:

Skip the boring parts.

I wonder if that's what I should have been doing with Les Miz all along.

Anyway, I found the list pretty amusing, especially since I 1) dislike James Joyce, and 2) struggled my way through a substantial part of The Canterbury Tales in Middle English when I was in college, and 3) was assigned (but didn't read a lot of) Paradise Lost (despite receiving an A on the paper).

As for New Year's resolutions, this year I gave up resolving to read anything in particular.  I did set a relatively high goal for the year with Goodreads -- 50 books! -- and I'll try to make some of those classics, but I'm not setting any specific goals on that front.  Mostly I just want to get back into the habit of reading more.  I also resolved to simplify my life, so complicating it with a bunch of reading goals that I likely won't achieve seems counterproductive.

What about you?  Did you set reading goals this year?

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