Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take the book nerd quiz

B&N Reads posted this adorable book nerd quiz yesterday.  I had to laugh, because each of the first few items lead into one another, and I was answering yes to each and every one of them.  In fact, I only got two nos, which means my score was an impressive 48 (no friends sent me the book nerd quiz -- I found it myself on social media).

What about you?  How do you score?

Some of these things are especially pertinent.  I have tons of books, of course, and I've also switched to an e-reader because I was tired of always running out of space and having to cull the herd.  I've also pulled many an all-nighter, or nearly so, because I got so caught up in a book that I just couldn't put it down.

The only two I missed points on was whether I was reading at that exact minute as I took the test (although if I had taken it a few hours later, I might have been, as I sometimes do multitask while reading as the evening progresses), and whether I record every book I read (I do try, but I'm not always consistent about it, and I didn't used to).

The thing is, I love being able to answer yes to all these things.  I love having too many books.  I love staying up late reading a good book, even when it makes me tired.  I love reading books that are so compelling that I can't put them up, that they make my heart race or skip a beat.  I love racing through a series in a matter of days.

I love being a book nerd.

What about you?

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