Saturday, January 7, 2017

Reading challenges for 2017

Who here is planning on doing one or more reading challenges in 2017?  I have done the Goodreads Reading Challenge for the past two years, in both 2015 and 2016, and I've set it up for 2017 as well.  My goal each year has been 50 books (roughly one book a week, with a little fudge room), and I get a little closer each year.  In fact, although I originally made my goal 40 books last year, I was reading so much a few months in that I went back up to 50.  I did beat 40 books for 2016, but fell a little short of 50.

Better luck in 2017!

In fact, I'm thinking of adding some reading challenges to my goals for the year, thanks to this wonderful list of 20 reading challenges for 2017.
It looks like most of the reading challenges on the list can be done at the same time as a Goodreads reading challenge.  I love that they'll give you some direction on what to read throughout the year, though.

I particularly love the Newberry, banned/challenged books, and classics reading challenges, as well as the Around the Year in 52 Books (which is a Goodreads group).  It looks like you can create additional shelves in Goodreads, so I would probably create separate shelves for each of the reading challenges if I were to participate in more than one (I haven't decided yet).

What about you?  Are you doing any reading challenges this year?  Are you tempted by any of the ones on this list?

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