Monday, January 9, 2017

Wearable books

I love books, so of course I love things that have to do with books, too.  I'm not much of one for a lot of kitschy things, though, so I like everything I own to be cute and have a purpose.  The best way to do that, of course, is to make it something you can wear.

Looking for a way to incorporate your love of reading into your own personal style?  Here are a few ways to wear your passion on your sleeve (or anywhere else on your body).
  1. Book scarves and writing gloves: I got these recently from my boyfriend's college bookstore and they are amazing.  I have both the winter weight scarf and the writing gloves.  They are comfy cotton and the perfect weight.  I got The Secret Garden and I'm actually thinking of getting both gloves and a scarf of The Great Gatsby, and maybe a Dracula scarf too.  (I don't like the gloves in black, for some reason.)
  2. Miniature book necklaces: This post ran on Mental Floss recently, and I thought they were adorable, so I had to post about it too.  Sadly I have metal allergies that make jewelry challenging for me, so I'd probably have to contact the seller to see if she could make it with a chain I could actually wear.
  3. The Bookish Box: This is a subscription service that I just joined, although I haven't actually gotten my first box yet.  You can get a box with or without a T-shirt, but of course I got the T-shirt!  I'll probably like it more than the other kitschy things, to be honest (except for maybe the mugs, because I love tea and therefore I love mugs and teacups).
I know there are other ways to wear your favorite books.  We've all seen those T-shirts that have the entire text of a book on them, of course, but there are other clothes and accessories that are more classy!  What is your favorite piece of book-related clothing?

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