Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sex Criminals, Vol I

Inspired by the list of the top challenged books in 2016, which I blogged about last week during Banned Books Week, I read Sex Criminals, Vol. I.  It wasn't the full thing, which is Big Hard Sex Criminals and includes all of the graphic novels in one, but it was enough to get a taste for it.

And, well... yeah, it's pretty explicit.  I can see why it would have been challenged.  I don't agree with banning, of course, but I can still see why.
This is basically a graphic serial about a girl who stops time when she orgasms.  She meets a guy who can do the same thing, and they start talking about how they could use it for good.  She's trying to save her library, which the bank is going to foreclose on, so they start stealing money from the bank in order to keep it open.

See?  They're using their powers for good.  Just... in a roundabout, sorta-bad way.

Of course, any superhero (?) has to have an antagonist.  Enter... the Sex Police.  Yes, that is a real thing in this book.

Sex Criminals is a lot of good fun and made me laugh out loud quite frequently.  I'm hoping to be able to pick up Vol 2 sometime soon and keep reading!

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